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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner [Teaser][ch 1]

Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner

Due to a false charge, Felicia Swallows who was admired by the young ladies got her engagement with His Highness annulled and was expelled from school. There’s nothing but misunderstandings all around her, but the person herself only wants a rose-coloured commoner’s life. It’s a story about characters fromNation’s Saviour Lady Rose, an otome game from her previous life.


“Felicia Swallows1. As of today, your2 engagement is discarded.”

It sure took a long time.

His Royal Highness Seth Kyabo3 whom I had been engaged to since I’m 5 years old is glaring at me, memories of my training to become the next queen since then till I’m 16 years old are playing like revolving lantern on my head.

I swallow varieties of feeling, and smile gently like usual.

“If that is Your Highness’ wish.”

However His Royal Highness just glare fiercely at me with his new fiancé standing next to him, Miss Liliana who had a lovely puzzled face, then I turn my back and walk with dignified straight posture.

Not yet.

With unchanging facial expression.

I walk to the place where the two people won’t be able to see me, and collapse on the middle of a thicket some distance away from the school.

This is enough right. I don’t have to put up with it anymore right. Since I have been trying my best… is it okay right.

“Fu, fufufufufu! Finally! Finally they told me to discard the engagement!! With this the scenario is over right! Queen, I sincerely apologize. [This important I] personality is the one I hate the most! I absolutely did not want my future significant other that was forced on me! According to the scenario my House would discard me and I will be demoted as a commoner… because of the other House(the prince’s) the engagement can be discarded with little trouble! Starting from now is my happy self-sufficient commoner life!!”

Without being able to suppress my laughter that’s welling up, I rapidly talk in low voice so that nobody would find fault at me.

Until now as His Royal Highness’s fiancée, the next Queen, and Swallow House’s eldest duke daughter, I had to act ladylike as to not bring shame. But soon it will no longer be needed. Soon! I will be free!

“Thank you, Lili-chan. Your action suits me.”

Honoring the Goddess of this world… is I, [this game]’s [Villain Daughter] that lose to the [Heroine], whom occupy my supposedly destined place instead of me, earl daughter Liliana Inoshii4… I desperately send a telepathic thank you to that girl called Lili-chan’s mind. Of course I don’t have telepathic ability. It’s just my feeling.

“Sometimes I feel that the prince’s [this important I] character is impossible type from the bottom of my heart, Lili-chan who truly like him, surely can become a wonderful queen, thus let’s just believe on empress dowager.”

I irresponsibly wish for Lili-chan’s happiness. Selfishly. From the best position. Right now I feel light, it comes down to this single word. Feels like I’m sprouting wings. Or rather until now I’ve been living with handcuffs.

“I supposed my demotion to a commoner would entail me living on the town as a commoner under an alias. For game Liliana, that condition is similar to humiliation to death, but to me it is a reward5. You get a place to live, enough money that you can live without working for one year, the condition is altogether peachy6. I want to work on the same bakery like my previous life. I wonder if they’re not recruiting staff.”

From now on I'll be living my dream, my eyes sparkle and my heart throb.
Even though I think that monologuing to yourself is ridiculous, it is my reaction after being patient over and over again until now, please forgive my current self. Though, I don’t actually need to make excuse to anyone.

“Aa, I wonder when the official engagement discardure declaration will be given to the House and the School! I don’t completely understand my kidnapping on the future on the game! Because I know this future I can be excited about it, though a long time has passed since I play the game and I suddenly got transported before the game event is resolved.”

I spend some time excitedly rolling on the grass, then after letting out all of my emotion, I comb my hair and stand up.

After that I start walking towards the school with perfect gesture.
Felicia Swallows name is not thrown out of the House yet, officially still His Royal Highness’s fiancé, Lady Rose and the two great name’s widely known perfect duke daughter7.

The time when I can live as I truly am is a little bit further on the future. I understand that perfectly. The grasses, earth’s dirt, wooden branches and frayed edge on this dress, I got them when I accidentally fell. Although Lady Rose is the perfect daughter, there are also failures on this degree, fufufu.

1フェリシア・スワロー (Ferishia . suwarouzu)

2 貴様 (Kisama)  rude version of “you” , them implications of the Prince using that to address Felicia whom had been his fiance for 11 years  =-=

3 セス・キャボッ (Sesu . Kyabou)

4リリアナ・イノシー (Ririana . Inoshii)

5ゲームでのリリアナはそれが死ぬ程屈辱だったみたいだけど、私にはご褒美だ. (Gemu de no ririana wa sore ga shinuhodo kutsujokudatta mitaidakedo, watashiniha go hobida wa) any alternate translation suggestion?

6むしろこれって至れり尽くせりよね (Mushiro kore tte itareritsukuseri yo ne) … what’s a Japanese parsley (せり) doing on this sentence ==a (help?)

7レディローズと二つ名を轟かせる完璧な公爵令嬢だ (Redirozu to futatsu-mei o todorokaseru kanpekina koshaku reijoda) If I don’t make a mistake in MTL-ing, then Lady Rose is her nickname, while the two great names are... maybe her father and mother?

It has been months since Adele(Average!), I had forgotten how horrible MTL-ing is orz
Same deal as Adele(Average!), I'm looking for kind souls that are willing to translate this *bows*

People, rejoice, a kind soul pick this up *banzai!!!*


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