Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][Prologue]

The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but...

The Hero triumphantly rescued the beautiful princess that was kidnapped by the Demon King. Of course love began to grow between the two people, in front of people who expect this solid principle, the Hero proposed--- to the princess’s maid A. “Milady I love you.” “I- I’m just a mob character?!”. Story of maid A who unfortunately got pulled from the role of mob character into a protagonist.

Published from Alphapolis. With some selfishness, this is a relevant part of [Hero, marriage proposal] anecdote and gossip. Please enjoy.


Well known beautiful princess of a large country, Country of Shuwaruze, has been kidnapped by the Demon King.
The King immediately dispatch soldiers to rescue the princess, but the demon race’s might made the soldiers scatter and run away, it was a failure.

The retreated king receive God’s oracle to plead a famous hero to lend his power.

The King invited the number one hero to the castle,

“Please, please, save the Princess. Of course, I promise to reward you with anything you want”

“I understand. Even at the cost my life I’ll rescue the princess”
The bowing hero --- had unbelievable good looks with blond hair and blue eyes.
Not only him.
His party members; magician, elf, female warrior, priest and female thief all have eye-catching appearance.  

Huh? Looks? Are they chosen based on their looks?

This place’s prime ministers, ministers and the princess’ maid A involuntarily said that on their head.

However it is a party that has both looks and abilities.

Rows of people, mainly women, cheer on the party as they left, and after a while, they triumphantly rescue the Princess.
And they also… defeated the Demon King.

“Ooo! They manage to skillfully and safely recover the Princess”
The King said in good mood as he emotionally reunited with his daughter.
“A liar is a sly person. Because of that, I’ll give you any reward you want!”

The time, that the people on the hall has been waiting for had come.
The Princess who said to be the most beautiful girl in three countries and the hero who had rescued her from the Demon King.
The look beautiful standing together, just like a painting, is what everyone feels.
Surely, just like in the story, love has begun to grow between those two people. There is no way it doesn’t sprout.
Therefore, the Hero will surely ask the Princess as a reward.
And then the two people will marry and live happily forever, surely.

The Hero heard the King’s words, with pupils that shine with green and blue light, said to the king with a serious look.
“In that case, this country’s most beautiful flower, please let me bring her home”

It’s here!

Everyone thought of it.
Of course, the [flower] on those words refers to the Princess.

“Ok. Allow. I allow it”
The King nodded a number of times.
“Of course”
The Queen has a wide smile on her face.

“Thank you very much”
With a gentle smile, the Hero gracefully bow to the King and Queen, and then he headed toward the girl he loves.
And then he stops in front of the girl, with blue eyes filled with love and kindness he says

“Milady I love you. Please become my wife.”


--------------He said while holding the princess’ maid A’s hand.

The original pickup request comes from novelupdate, I'm just making a teaser, any kind soul willing to translate this?

Oh, btw, Flower Clocks is translating the manga


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