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The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][The air can be read but the answer is equivocal]

The [air] here refers to atmosphere/mood… you know the one from [Kuuki Yomenai! (can’t read the air)]

Hero, Marriage Proposal
The air can be read but the answer is equivocal

Due to the influence of a strange pressure generated by Greed-sama’s jealousy, I can no longer see Prince Rufus and Princess Loise. Of course, I can’t see the King’s reaction either.
However, the story advances even as the leading actor of the hero story is looking downward at me and holding my hand.

“Well, if it is Prince Rufus, there is no reason to oppose. No, even if you’re not royalty, as a parent it is normal to let my daughter marries the person she wants.”
The King’s words echoed in the hall.

As response to those words, the Queen follows with kind words.
“That’s right. Princess. These are the people who rescued you. Even if he is just a magician and not a prince, I will still cheer for you love. Rufus-sama, please take care of my daughter.”

“Father, mother…”

“His Majesty King, Her Majesty Queen. Thank you very much”

It seems like the Princess’ and magician Rufus’ marriage is permitted.
As expected from the wise King and the one he took as queen.
…. Well, if he truly is just the party’s magician, I’m doubtful whether they would readily agree like that, well that aside, I should obediently feel happy without being petty.  

Words like “congratulations Princess” and “be happy” echoes from around the hall.
Cheers and applauses rises.
The hall is completely covered with Prince Rufus and Princess Loise’s marriage reception.
What were those confusion and consternation feelings in the atmosphere before, right now isn’t it exactly like the solid route love story, those anxious feeling has been cleared out and become a peaceful atmosphere.

 Everyone is so quick in switching moods. As expected of the castle’s workforce(dwellers)!

I think if my hand is not being held by Greed-sama, I would also applause.
Because I have been a maid for six years.
I’m good at reading airs.

However… I can’t read the air in front of my eyes. No, perhaps I can but I’m ignoring it.

Eat air bride! (Kuukiyome!)( 食う気嫁!)
Eh, I got it wrong--- read the air! (Kuukiyome!) (空気読め!)

So I prayed. But since I have zero magic power, it didn’t seem to reach the Hero…. .

On his back is the Hero’s childhood friend and comrade --- more over he is a large country’s prince --- who was trying to win over a spouse, but the Hero didn’t even glance at it a bit.

A hole will certainly open at my face after being stared so much.
I think that there is nothing interesting about an ordinary’s mob face but… is he counting the number of pores?

Yeees, I’m convinced that he is trying to find reason to make fun of my face!
I’m won’t be convinced of anything else!

--- well it is a bit of escapism, I’m definitely afraid.

Since I no longer directing my line of sight into Rufus-sama (and the Princess), the sweetness in Greed-sama’s stare comes back, the stare carries those strange flames from before, I feel that if nobody is here to hear it, I would say “scary aaa!”.

It is the mental state of a frog being stared by a snake.

And yet, aa, or I should say.
For the first time, the skill to read air is troublesome.

Interest of those people who enjoy the Princess and Rufus-sama’s solid route is gathering back to me and the Hero!
“Come to think of it, what happen to those two people?”
Feelings just like that!

Even without looking away from the Hero, I can feel the air.
Those people who enjoy the solid route feeling also expect that solid route from here!

Surely those people’s head are filled with “The love story between a kind hearted maid who is worried about the princess and the Hero that defeat the Demon King for that girl’s shake” that they made-up by their own.

What a flower garden… no no, clinched --- solid route that didn’t exist --- are deployed.
Surely at this time that flower garden [kind hearted maid] exists in my head, maybe I don’t know.
I tsukkomi-ed at my heart while going along with the readable air.

But I did not want to read this kind of air!

Aaa, people who realize that I have not answer is thinking [surely she won’t reject it. The Hero’s marriage proposal] [of course not right~] [she won’t break off with the Hero in full public view] those stare stings!

And then, the King read the air,
“Come to think of it, what happen with the Hero?”
Can he please not say such thing from his throne!

I understand that almost everyone at the hall is turning to look at me and the Hero.

I’m in a pinch.

As my hand is still being held by the Hero, I feel like cold sweat is running down on my face and back.
This unfortunate incidence is giving birth to the greatest crisis.

My honest feeling is that I want to clearly refuse this marriage proposal.
But if I did that, I would be disliked by everyone on this country. There is no mistake.
I mean, if I became the Hero’s wife, this country would be able to form solid ties with the Hero.

Creating ties with the Hero, who Receiving God and spirit’s blessings and defeated the Demon King, is politically beneficial to this country.
That’s why in the beginning, the King or the Minister try to marry Princess Loise to the Hero.
It is a national interest to bring in the Hero and his relatives, it doesn’t matter if the Hero is a noble or a commoner.

Well in the end, the Princess decided to be together with Principality of Elyusion’s royalty, though it is still a part of national interest.

Well, placing that aside, the wish to form ties with the Hero haven’t change.

There is no way the Hero’s words would just disappear… .
My future is very bleak if I imagine it.
But, why do I imagine that my future as the Hero’s wife would be bleak… .

Puzzling. Extremely puzzling.
Unable to refuse.
But I also can’t receive the Hero’s marriage proposal.

At that instance, the Hero calls out my name and flame smolders on those eyes that has been sweetly staring at me.
His voice is not loud. However, why do I feel like that voice resounds clearly throughout the hall.
“I’ll say it once more. Milady I love you. Please become by wife.”

… Why are you able to read the current air, Greed-sama …

The center of attention once again goes back to this marriage proposal… .
That, is certainly done on purpose!
 He is aiming so that I can’t refuse isn’t he!

More cold sweats run out.

At that time, I feel like the Hero’s comrades are trying hard--- or more like extremely desperately sending looks(signals) at me while pressing their hand together, from the background, which I can’t see because I can’t shift my eyes away from the Hero.
Even that composed Rufus-sama.

Unfortunately because I have zero magic power, I can’t understand what they’re trying to tell me.
However --- Why is that…
Why is that I can feel like they’re pleading, “Don’t refuse! Do you want this country to be destroyed!”.
…. Ah that’s right, I can read the air.

I can’t understand why, but the destruction flag is rising.
I’m troubled. I’m seriously becoming more troubled!

My thoughts are rolling.
At that time, I suddenly remember my Milford House’s precept.

Let’s follow it!

I open my mouth and breath out.
“Hero-sama… …”

Everyone waits for my answer with bated breath.
And I don’t know why the Hero’s party members are praying to God.
Greed-sama… why the heck(itta)( 一体), no, I say(itta)( いった)in his direction.  Suspicious feeling bud.
But right now is not the time to think of that.

Placing my suspicion on the back of my head, I focus my attention to the Hero in front of me and timidly say.
“… I don’t know Hero-sama too well. And I think Greed-sama also didn’t know me that well. In that case… is it alright if I answer with let’s get to know each other better first?”

That is, postponement!
One of Viscount Milford family precepts, [If necessary, let’s postpone difficult problem!]

After saying that, I feel like slight disappointments are spreading on the air while patiently waiting for the Hero’s response.
The Hero’s feelings cannot be discerned by looking at his eyes--- is what I think but unexpectedly the Hero smile faintly.
With that, my fellow maid behind me scream “Kyaaa!” in shrilly voice.

A beauty’s smile is no ordinary weapon.
I was momentarily prickled by the air.

In the midst of noises, the hero the Hero brilliantly smiles, then he lowers his head and kissed my hand.
Once more the shrilly voice resounds.

“That’s true. I understand milady’s feeling, I also want to know more”

Greed-sama says with his lips touching my hand.
Those blue eyes peek through his golden bangs and pierce me---
His eyes and touches make me feel like chills are running down my back.

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