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The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][Solid Route Development in the Absence of Relationship]

Note : In case anyone is confused, [solid route] can be interpreted as [typical development] or [clinches]

Hero, Marriage Proposal
Solid Route Development in the Absence of Relationship

The Magician --- Rufus’s words resounds clearly on the hall.
Immediately after that, people who understand the meaning of his words begin to buzz.

How could it be that Rufus is the Principality of Eryushion’s prince!

If that is really true, how sweet … or maybe it should be, what a wonderful story isn’t it.
I’m really happy that a great luck befalls on Loise-sama.
Though, it is really surprising.
No, I’m not the only one that is surprised. The Princess also widens her eyes in shock and pulls Rufus’ hand.

Wait, does it mean that the Princess didn’t know of that until now?

But if that is the case, then that explain the Princess’ anxious look.
Because the Princess thought that he is just a magician without any status, the King’s anxious reaction to those two’s marriage proclamation is also explained.
It won’t be good for the King if instead of the Hero from God’s Oracle, the princess marry a mere magician.

“Principality of Eryushion’s prince, was it?”
The doubtful King said as he observes Rufus in surprise, Rufus whose hand is still held by the Princess.

Eryushion is a country located at the same continent as Shuwaruze, it is a country that held very great power. Because Shuwaruze and Eryushion are not neighbor country, their diplomatic relationship is not that good.
Come to think about it, the Hero --- Greed-sama who I can see in front of my eyes, I heard stories that he came from that country.

“As the Prince of Principality of Eryushion, why are you participating in the Hero’s party as magician?”

The King said what everyone has been wondering.

“Come to think of it, I have heard something. That country’s second prince is someone who excels at magic.”
The one who suddenly speak is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
He has been a diplomat for many years, so he has good comprehension on foreign country’s situation.
If he said that, then it won’t be weird if the magician we can see is really Principality of Eryushion’s prince.

“I’ll explain”
Rufus said.

“I’m the Hero, Greed’s childhood friend. Because the village he live is close to Eryushion’s summer residence. When the demons appear, Greed receive an oracle from God, choosing him as hero, I was thinking what I can do to help him. Thankfully, since I have magic power, I was able to join his party as magician.”
After saying that, Rufus-sama turns to look at his beloved Loise-sama.

“I’m sorry for being silent about the fact that I’m a prince. Princess. But, my position in the hero’s party is not as the prince, but as the magician, Rufus. For that… I’m sorry. This is my own selfishness. Rather than as a powerful country’s prince, I want to be loved as Rufus. Rather as a prince, as just a man I…”

Tears begin to brim on Princess Loise’s eyes, and pearl like large droplets spills.
However, I understand.
That is not sadness.
As proof, isn’t that a smile on the Princess’ face.

“The person I like is Rufus-sama. It doesn’t matter if you’re a magician or a prince. Such things are trivial. In my heart, you’re the only man that is I love.”

Rufus murmur full with emotion, then he hug the Princess tightly.
The Princess timidly place her hands on Rufus’ back and clutches his robe, and the pair’s harmony reached my eyes, and all other people’s eyes.

I witness all of it over the Hero’s shoulder, the Hero who is still holding my hand.
It is amazing.
Behind the true leading actor, the Hero’s back, the leading actor’s position has been compromised and the solid route development has been deployed.

That’s right. It’s just like in the story summary.  

[The prince who have magic, discard his position as a prince to join his childhood friend into the hero party as a magician.
And then, he met the beautiful princess that was kidnapped by the Demon King.
The hero party engaged in a life and death struggle with the Demon King and finally manages to rescue the Princess.
On that harsh journey, the Magician and the Princess fell in love.
Hiding his identity as a prince, those 2 people attract each other.
Soon, they triumphantly return the Princess, the Magician begs for the Princess to her father, the King.
Finally at that time, the Magician reveals his identity as a prince.]

Ooo, what a solid route development!
The protagonist’s place instantly shifts there!
Or rather, wouldn’t it be nice if the leading actor’s role shifts there!

I mean, rather than the Hero proposing marriage to maid A, isn’t the situation there a more solid route?

I think of that as I look over from the Hero’s shoulder.
Suddenly, Greed-sama tightens his grip
Seeing my frown, the Hero says.
“Please don’t look”
Words that didn’t fit a hero came out --- I turn to look at Greed-sama.

Greed-sama is looking at me with serious face.
He still looks beautiful.
But his eyes didn’t look as sweet as before, right now another kind of flame is swirling but I can’t feel what it is about.

Kyuu (gripping sound effect).
He tightens his grip again. Though this time it doesn’t hurt, it is filled with strange strength.

“Please look at me. That eyes, please don’t reflect another man”

For a moment, I can’t comprehend what he said.
But, I understand that the Hero didn’t like me looking over his shoulder.

No, no, no, I can’t look at Rufus-sama!?

“I- I was looking at the Princess as a set…?”
I fearfully said, Greed-sama shook his head sideways.
“Even as a set is no good. Please don’t look at other man”

What other man…. .
Isn’t he your childhood friend and comrade…?

--- Apparently the Hero has a deep sense of jealousy.

Gah! Too sweet! Too sweet!*dead*

*cast resurrection spell*


So while the Princess gets a magician Prince, our Maid A gets a yandere Hero xD (haha)


Okay this is chapter 3, and once more yes it is still teaser so I'm still waiting for someone to pick it up!

ps : I only plan to make teasers till ch5, so only one more from me (ch4) today... not! Any more sugar than this for a day would be lethal for my heart


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