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The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][Maid A's Bewilderment]

Hero, Marriage Proposal
Maid A’s Bewilderment

They’re small fish characters in many stories.
They don’t have minor role, they don’t even have name.

I’m one of those mob characters.
Of course, while in hero stories they don’t have name, in reality they have names.

The role given to me in this hero story is princess’ maid A.

I witness the Princess being kidnapped by the Demon King,
“Princess aaa!”
I scream like that,
Then to the King and his ministers,
“The Princess, The princess has been-----!!”
I had the role to panicky report that the Princess has been kidnapped by the Demon King.

I actually did it exactly like that. No, I should say I become like that.

By the way, the Demon King looks humanoid, but he is not handsome.
Truly disappointing.
They’re usually handsome aren’t they? But why he looks like a shady middle aged old man!?
Nobody knows that I accidentally thought of that when the princess was hold by the self-proclaimed [Demon King].
Incidentally, isn’t Demon King usually send out his subordinates, why did he came by himself to kidnap, is what I accidentally tsukkomi in my heart, it is also a secrete.

Well, putting that aside, my role in the hero story was almost over.
All that’s left was to pray for the Princess to God and clean her room every day.

After all I’m a mob.
There are limits to what I can do.

But I’m satisfied with such mob life.
Afterall, I’m a minor character that carefreely passes my day without being hurt by the fact that those leading actors, the Hero’s party members, are fighting day-by-day, aiming for the Demon King’s castle in order to save the Princess.
Just thinking about that give me shivers.
It is enough for me to be a mob without skill and status to fight.
Yeees, whatever people say, maid A is a good role!

That is why, the Hero’s marriage proposal is very troublesome.
Afterall, I’m very ordinary, I don’t have the skill and status to become the Hero’s wife!

With my hand still being held by the Hero, I feel cold sweat trickling.

Those surprised surrounding people’s stare is saying “Who is that woman?” and for some reason some of the stare feels sharp.
It should be so.
It is ridiculous to think that instead of proposing to the beautiful Princess, the beautiful Hero choose to paint the picture with a very ordinary dull maid.

“E-e-e-excuse me, but why me…?”

Princess Louise is this country’s most beautiful girl.
Journeying together along with that beautiful girl until their triumphant return to the country, liking the Princess should be natural.
And yet, the Princess didn’t even enter the Hero’s eyes as he propose to the maid with plain appearance and looks.
Who would have thought.

Why me.

Hearing that, the Hero has a faint smile, and says while looking downward at me.
“When I was invited to this castle, I’m attracted at a glance at milady who is worrying about princess Loise. Honestly, we have little information about the Demon King, at that time, I thought that it would be reckless to charge at the Demon King. However, I decide to save the Princess because you ask for it. I was rescuing the princess for your sake.”

The words I said to save the Princess…
Yes. Certainly I said that. I said that!

Just as the Hero arrive at the castle,
“Please! The Princess, The Princess please save her!”
I ask while clinging at him.
In fact, it is a direct conversation I had with the Hero --- whether it can be called conversation aside --- is the only conversation I’ve ever had with him.
I was there at that time when they seek audience with the King at the hall, but I didn’t have the right to say anything.

In other words, he fell in love with me at that time when I cling to him…?
… but that was only a part of maid A’s role … .

Don’t tell me that short conversation is able to raise a love flag.
Not to mention, the Hero becomes willing to save the Princess.

--- There are things in this world that is just not understandable.

“At the journey, I keep thinking. If I can save the princess, milady…”

The Hero --- Greed-sama’s eyes are staring sweetly at me.
My fellow maids behind me --- in other word, my mob fellow --- are saying “Hero-sama is so wonderful”
Those who are near are seeing sparkling rays of the Hero’s charm skill1

But, can I insert a tsukkomi?
… With only conversation at that time, isn’t this marriage proposal too sudden?
Isn’t this too rushed?

“Princ- Princess, what will happen to the Princess?”
Suddenly the King cried out as he stands up from his throne.
Seems like he had finally recover from his surprise.

And then, for some reason the King is indignant about this situation, his plan to marry the Princess to the Hero has spiraled out of control.
Surely the Hero won’t think of playing with the Princess’ feeling.
But more importantly, the Princess isn’t paying any attention to this situation. Even now, she is still staring at the black haired magician with affection on her face.

The Hero completely ignores the King’s words.
He just enthusiastically stares at me without even sparing a glance to indicate that he heard the King.

“Princess Louise? Isn't Princess Louise with Rufus?”
Instead, the one answering is an elfin young man.
The magician who has been staring at each other with the Princess Loise --- with a staff in hand --- that’s right his name is Rufus.
Finally the King realized the Princess’ appearance.

“Prin- Princess, what is this…?”
At the King’s words the Princess finally look up.
But, the pair soon exchanges another look --- the magician smile gently towards the Princess has an anxious look to reassure her.

When a beautiful person smile, the effect is tremendous.
“Kyaa” I hear my fellow maids behind me raise their shrilly voice
For those ladies, anyone beautiful will do huh…?

No, if I’m not in this situation where the Hero is proposing to me, I would also blend in those crowds and let out shrilly voice. So tsukkomi is useless.

The magician smile once more at the Princess, take her hand then turn to face the two people at the throne.
The magician’s beauty is no less than the Hero. Along with the Princess, they’re almost like a painting.
Apparently other people who look at those two people also thought so and they let out an exclamation sigh like “Hooou”.

Meanwhile --- the hall is buzzing with the magician’s words.

“I’m the prince of Eryushion Principality, Rufus Rikurido Eryushion. I have a request to His Majesty King of Shuwaruze and Her Majesty Queen. Somehow, please let me marry Princess Loise”

 This solid story has been deployed behind the Hero’s back who is still holding my hand.

1 Think of it like the pokemon move [Attract]

I died several times for several reasons while doing this lol, hope you enjoy it, and yes this is still a teaser, so I'm still looking for a translator


  1. You need a lot of insulin if you want to translate this novel... Thanks for the teaser!!!(hopefully someone will pick it up or you just can make it your project)

    1. Someone gets it! lol! Ikr! Since I didn't have insulin injector, I settle for hitting the desk, giggling (normal) and giggling (creepy mode) xD

      I can't actually... since somehow several chapter of vol 2 is missing from the waybackmachine web and while Yukkuri have the physical book copies which she is willing to share, I can't read Japanese :< (these are MTL btw)... that and this is a nice story isn't it? I believe it deserve a proper translator ^^

    2. Insulin wouldn't help here, when percentage of sugar make blood syruply dense it's already lethal case...

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    much sweetness and happiness! so adorable! this hero is interesting, ahaha! as is our darling main character maid-san, too!

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