Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][Marriage Proposal of the Hero]

Hero, Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal of the Hero

Hello, nice to meet you.
My name is Aria. Maid A.
I’m a Viscount House's daughter, currently serving as maid of this Country of Shuwaruze’s second princess, Louise, to learn mannerism.

Just recently the Hero saved the Princess that had been kidnapped by the Demon King, she was returned safely to the castle.
It is a great relieve.
I’ve had been praying everyday to God for the Princess’ safety.

--- however.

How did this situation happens.

In front of my eyes is a beautiful man with sparkling aura.
It is the Hero --- Greed-sama, who for some reason is holding my hand.

“Milady I love you. Please become my wife.”

All the surrounding people are surprised.
The King has risen from his throne from shock.
However, the most surprised person would be me.

Aren’t you going to propose to the Princess!?

And yet why are you standing in front of me and holding my hand… .

--- Princess.
I’m supposed to be included in her package.

That’s right. The Princess must be shocked seeing this scene.
The Hero that she likes is proposing to her maid by his own will.

With my hand still being held, I look over Greed-sama’s shoulder to see the Princess.

But look.
The Princess isn’t even looking here.
Earnestly, at Hero’s party’s magician --- that person is also beautiful with long black hair and brown eyes --- isn’t she continuously staring at him!
Face faintly dyed with the color of maiden in love.

Wait, why the solid principle of falling in love with the Hero has shifted onto the magician!?
Unable to understand, I unintentionally gaze around at the surroundings.
Everyone in this hall are astounded at this situation, everyone but the members of Hero’s party.
On the contrary, the members of Hero’s party are looking at me.
“Hang in there Greed”
“That’s right. Get em!”
“Please invite me to the wedding okay”
They’re saying something like that.
By the way, from the order of remarks, the first one is said by the female warrior, the female thief and then the priests (male).
From their words, I realize that the Hero’s party members have known this.
Apparently this action didn’t seem weird to them.

… I’m troubled.
It would be better if this proposal is the result of the Demon King’s curse making the Hero crazy.
After returning to sanity, I can pretend that this proposal never happens!

However, that situation is unlikely.
The Hero is sane, and this proposal is serious.

I timidly look at the Hero’s face.
“E-excuse me, are you serious?”

I have a slight hope of hearing what I want.
… the answer immediately come.

“Of course. I did not lie about my feeling for milady”

--- Hero, I want you to lie.

However, apparently Hero’s [flower] is me.

I had not notice before due to his sparkling aura, but below his long eyelashes, his blue eyes is enchantingly looking at me.

I’m seriously troubled.
Because I’m just one --- one of a large number of other characters.
Mob characters--- .

Hero, Marriage Proposal - is the arc/volume's name
Marriage Proposal of the Hero - is this chapter's name

I'm still looking for translator~


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