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The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Teaser][Character Introduction]


This is supposed to be the 5th chapter, but... well.. yeah... tehe...?

Important Edit :
27 October 2016 - change Alfred's and Aria's background description.

Hero, Marriage Proposal
Character Introduction

[Country of Shuwaruze]
Aria Milford
Race : Human
Occupation : Princess Loise’s Maid A
Identification : Viscount Milford’s daughter
Age : 18 years old
Hometown : South of Shuwaruze, Viscount Milford’s territory
Appearance : Wavy walnut colored hair. Dark brown eyes.
Lv : 1
HP : 10
MP : 0.01
Holding Skills : [Tsukkomi EX] *
* EX indicates a hidden skill
Protagonist. First maid of Princess Loise. Self-proclaimed [Maid A].
Have a plain appearance, if she wears plain clothing and goes out to town, she’ll look like a town girl. Not like an aristocrat’s daughter.
Have tsukkomi attribute.
Even though she herself didn’t think so, there are parts where people find it bothersome1.
By her own words, troublesome people exist.
She likes solid route and standard procedures.
Is currently bewildered and horrified by the Hero’s marriage proposal.
“The Hero is scarryyyy!”

Loise Emil Shuwaruze
Race : Human
Occupation : Princess
Identification : Country of Shuwaruze’s second princess
Age : 17 years old
Hometown : Capital of Shuwaruze
Appearance : Blond-orange hair. Bright green eyes.
Lv : 2
Hp : 20
MP : 200
Holding Skills : Unknown
Master of the protagonist. A beautiful girl with good personality. The Demon King falls in love at first sight at her and then kidnapped her, she is supposed to be the main heroine.
Falls in love at first sight with Rufus, the magician who help when she was held captive at the Demon King’s castle.
“Being with Eryushion and Aria is reassuring”

Alfred Rafia Shuwaruze
Race : Human
Occupation : Prince
Identification : Country of Shuwaruze’s second prince
Age : 21 years old
Hometown : Capital of Shuwaruze
Appearance : Blond-orange hair. Bright green eyes.
Lv : 5
HP : 320
MP : 0.1
Holding Skills : [Stealth EX]
Princess Loise’s prince brother. Although he have beautiful sister, his own appearance is pretty ordinary.
Since his hidden skill [Stealth] is always active, his is unfortunately inconspicuous.
Because he has feelings for Aria, he became the Hero's target for obliteration (kill)
“I-it’s not like I'm feeling guilty…”

[Hero Party]
Greed Rankurea
Race : Human
Occupation : Hero
Identification : Commoner
Age : 19 years old
Hometown : South of Eryushion, Rankurea village
Lv : ???
HP : ???
MP : ???
Holding Skills : [Spirit Vessel (Hero Version)] [Analysis] [Revelation] [Charm Skill] [World’s Favor (Hero Correction EX)] [Enhance Defense] [Strengthen Attack Power] [Recovery Skill] etc.
Proposing marriage to the main character in public, hero. Called the strongest Hero in the history. Also known as: walking natural disaster, the ultimate weapon.
Posses [Spirit Protection] from all race.
Have thin emotion, but broken cheat ability’s price have to be paid somewhere2.  His default character is an emotionless taciturn. Only nice3 towards the heroine.
“Milady I love you. Please somehow become my wife.”

Race : Human
Occupation : Prince, magician
Identification : Principality of Eryushion’s second prince
Age : 19 years old
Hometown : Capital of Eryushion
Appearance : Caramel colored eyes and black hair.
Lv : 89
HP : 700
MP : 890
Holding Skills : [Analysis] [Strengthen Defense] [Strengthen Attack Power] [Recovery Skill]
Childhood friend of Greed. Participating on the Hero’s party as magician.
Falls in love with Loise when he rescued her from the Demon King’s castle.
“Not only because I’m a prince, I want to be love as Rufus.”

Renasu Refido
Race : Human
Occupation : Priest
Identification : Commoner, White Priest rank
Age : 19 years old
Hometown : Augusta (location of the Great Temple)
Appearance : Slightly wavy green hair with black eyes.
Lv : 90
HP : 750
MP : 800
Holding Skills : [Strengthen Defense] [Spirit’s Favor] [Strengthen Attack] [Recovery Skill]
Childhood friend of Greed. His father is also a priest.
Able to hear the spirits’ voice
The party’s mood maker, able to do both tsukkomi and bokke.
A little bit lazy. Often get swayed by Greed.
Lovers with the female thief, Milly.
“Well, please prostate”

Milly Rangurea
Race : Human
Occupation : Female thief
Identification : Commoner
Age : 20 years old
Hometown : City of Eryushion, Ruen
Appearance : Short red haid. Vivid emerald green eyes.
Lv : 79
HP : 680
MP : 650
Holding Skills : [Cancellation] [Stealth] [Strengthen Defense] [Strengthen Attack Power] [Recovery Skill]
Childhood friend of Greed. A little bit stubborn and relatively cunning. The disinterested to money party’s number one financial manager.
Lovers with Renasu.
“There is no door that won’t open in front of me”

Faara Mintana
Race : Human
Occupation : Female warrior
Identification : Commoner
Age : 22 years old
Hometown : North of Serufida Country, Mintana village
Appearance : Blond hair with calm blue-gray shades eyes
Lv : 80
HP : 880
MP : 520
Holding Skills : [Strengthen Defense] [Strengthen Attack Power] [Recovery Skill]
The last person to join the party. Since she is the oldest with the exception of Rafaga, she has a dependable sister role.
Give off the impression of a sly person, but she is a bit of a natural airhead.
“A splendid view”

Race : Elf
Occupation : Wise man, guide
Identification : Unknown
Age : At least 400 years old
Hometown : Elf village
Appearance : Silver hair with silver eyes.
Lv : ???
HP : 800
MP : ???
Holding Skills : Unknown
The Hero party’s guide, consultant and surveillance role. A blackhearted person with the appearance of a young man.
 Since improving the survival and stability of the world are the elves’ eternal mission, they would also use ruthless method for that.
“Please give up that bad luck feeling”

[The World]
A world somewhere that have hero and demon king, have the feel of medieval European-style RPG.
Believe in the light goddess Referia.
Although there are God of light and dark, there is not concept of dark=evil.
Darkness is the symbol of peace and well-being.
Mechanical and electrical are not developed, but since various useful tool has been developed with magic, it is not so behind.
Language is unified language.
Currency is continent currency.
Character culture, such as literatures has been developed thanks to publishing guild.
[Hero Stories 20 Volumes] is the largest best-selling non-fiction.

1面倒くさがりのところがある (mendōku sagari no tokoro ga aru) Honestly I have no idea what this means… mendouku sagari = people finds it bothersome, no = (indicating possession), tokoro = place, ga aru = have … errr it didn’t fit the first half of the sentences….
2 Like Tatsuya from Mahouka Kouko I think
3 The actual word is [Dere] lol


  1. Thank you for the spoilers, I was impatient.

  2. Translator - san....

    This will be definitely a good one I thought~

    But, won't you consider to change the name of the character?

    like Shuwaruze to Schwarz
    or some thing?

    Emil to Emile
    Rangurea to Rangrea
    Renasu to Renas and so on~

    Only a suggestion tho...

    1. how awkward would it be for me to say 'call me Aria' when I'm MTL-ing story whose main character named [Aria] hmmm...


      that aside, I was thinking of that but can't quite figure out what to use (like Eryushion -> Elysion, Elyshion, Elusion, Ellusion; Rangurea-> Langlea, Rangrea, Langrea)... is it bothersome to leave it as it's japanese spelling...? if yes then I'll change it to... something...

    2. I think the various name decisions are usually up to a translator's preferences. Personally I like Elysion, Rangrea, and Renas, to name a few.

    3. Your choice for this since you are the one doing the translation. If you asking for input, I would like:

      Elysion and Rangurea (as is, no change).