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The Hero Suddenly Proposed to me, but... [Translated by pewpew][Until death do us apart]

Until death do us apart

The engagement bracelet that I received from Greed-sama, are in fact, cursed bracelets….

Not only can it not be taken off.
No, compared to that blessing, not being able to take it off no matter what is even cute.A1

I was aware of the magic on the bracelet after Greed-sama put it on me - - no no, I received it the following day.
When I noticed that my class(1) was forcefully changed to The hero’s betrothed, I headed to where the hero is to protest.
Of course I can’t go to the private room that was prepared for Greed-sama. Even I won’t commit the same mistake twice, you know.

Rather than our private bedrooms, I went to the living room granted to the hero’s party personal use, so that they could meet up without constraint.  

As a maid I shouldn’t forget my manners, no matter how much I want to burst in there. I pulled myself together and knocked on the door to the living room.
Come in.
The voice of Greed-sama came from the inside. It seems he certainly is inside that room.

I tightened my stomach and stepped inside the room like I was prepared for war.

At that time, there were the hero Greed-sama, the magician and prince of Elysion Rufus-sama and the female warrior Farah-sama. But the only one reflected in my eyes is Greed-sama.

Of course it wasn’t out of bittersweet passion or anything. Target confirmed. It was out of aggressive opposition.

I hurriedly offered my greetings and quickly approach Greed-sama.

Why did I suddenly become your fiancée?! Moreover, if these bracelets are magical tools, then you don't have to put one my left wrist, the one on my right should be good enough!(2)

I finished the sentence while displaying my left wrist.

It happened as soon as I was about 3 akbar (= 3 meters) from Greed-sama.

The bracelet on my wrist suddenly pulled me forward with some kind of force and just as I thought I lost my balance… I was floating.

Floating ―― and like that my body was being pulled with a strange gravitational force by the wrist… when I came to my senses I dived and landed in Greed-sama’s chest.

Dived into his chest.

If you hear that, what kind of scene do you imagine?

Softly lifted I suddenly moved into Greed-sama’s chest?

No no, absolutely not!

If there were sound effects, it would sound like “bittaaan”. Just when I realized I was floating, I flew into the hero like a bullet! With a “bittaan”!

―――― akin to a magnet.

Rufus-sama and Farah-sama were taken aback by this. And of course I as well.

In total disbelief I left the satisfied looking hero’s embrace.

Be it as it may, as expected from the hero.
I remain composed even after literally diving into his chest. Despite going “bittaaan”.
His muscle seems to be amazing. Is he a little macho?

…… I was waiting and expecting something to be said.

That’s not the problem! No, it’s also a problem though!

―――― what’s up with this phenomena?!

With a “bittaaan” I got sucked in like by a magnet.

According to the present observation ―― no, in all probability it’s the fault of these bracelets!


While I was still in a dumbfounded state, Farah-sama recovered from the shock and said while inclining her neck. I don’t know if love affairs like these exists or not but …. engagement bracelets these days sure have interesting gimmicks.

That’s not the problem.

Retorting seemingly without delay ―― was for some reason Rufus-sama. The response came right after I retorted in my mind.

Somehow, in front of my eyes a two-man skit between Farah-sama and Rufus-sama was unfolding.

……I have these vexing feeling of regret. Somehow similar to the sense of defeat….

At any rate, the female warrior Farah-sama is a natural airhead, isn’t she?
I understood that from their interaction just now.

The remark earlier wasn’t a joke but said in earnest, right?

Beautiful and strong, but a natural airhead … what a delicious character!

Starting with the hero, a party consisting of nothing but good looking and talented individuals, Farah-sama had an appearance that was in no way inferior.

A straight nose bridge, almond shaped eyes. Long eyelashes.
A calm beauty with flowing golden hair and bluish grey eyes.

However, coupled with that unusual way of speaking, she makes an androgynous impression. To put it simply, she is quite dashing. (3)
Unlike Greed-sama, who is unarmed, she looks like she is at all times wearing an armor.

Even if you understood that it is a woman walking in that dull golden armor dashingly, you’d stop in admiration.

That is why, she is so popular among my maid colleges. 

Undoubtedly, even if it gets widely known that she is a natural airhead, I have the feeling that it would be received with Kyaa, lovely, cute!」. I fear quite passionately in fact.

This is Renas’s sacred magic. Sacred magic is outside of my field of expertise but… I think it is a “blessing” kind of magic.

Said Rufus-sama while looking suspiciously at Greed-sama, who was still hugging me.

You had those bracelets “blessed” by Renas, isn’t that right, Greed?


Greed-sama admitted frankly.

Since it's a pair of bracelets, isn't a priest’s “blessing” essential(4)

For the “blessing” the priests performed a cursing kind of ceremony.

Whether or not I can relax, depends on how capable the priest was.(5)

Let’s say the priest granted it the blessing Please arrive at your destination safely wearing this.

If the priest wasn’t very powerful, you wouldn’t be able to relax. It’s a better than nothing kind of feeling.

Whereupon, if the “blessing” was granted by a powerful priest, the probability of that person reaching the destination skyrockets. The rate of encounters with bandits and demons would drop significantly. It might not be eye-catching magic, but wouldn’t you think it’s simply amazing?

Of course as a travelling companion of the hero, Renas-sama is a powerful priest.

The “blessing” that was given by that Renas-sama.

I don’t need to be told just how powerful, to understand it. Yep. I understand.

What I don’t understand is ―――― the effect of this incomprehensible blessing!
What the heck! -is what I’m thinking!

Does that “blessing” have a meaning?」

What I wanted to ask, came out of Rufus-sama’s mouth.

It’s not just Renas’s divine magic is it. Something has been added. Your mana is mixed in.

“Until death do us apart” is a nice saying isn’t it?


Greed-sama said that while smiling down to me and turned his gaze to Rufus-sama.

However, that beautiful smile vanished from his expression.

This gimmick is necessary.


Said Greed-sama in an indifferent tone. With glass like eyes that reflected nothing, he looked at Rufus-sama and continued his words.

I don’t know when, but the time will come when it is needed.
「『Divine Revelation……?」

Rufus-sama knitted is eyebrows.

That ‘s right.


I don’t understand what the two of you are talking about.
Divine Revelation.
I think it’s probably a skill, but I don’t know what kind of skill that is.
Perhaps it’s not common.

As expected from the hero, he holds quiet the variety of skills.

... wait, that is not the problem!
This strange event is!
What is this? Please explain this to me!!」

My half screaming voice echoed through the room――――.

(1) To be precise she said she got a job change, but in the western parts of the internet we usually refer to a class rather than a job.
(2)それにこの腕輪、魔具なら左腕でなくて右であってもいいはずですよねnot sure if I understood that right. Suggestions are welcome. I think she means having to deal with two irremovable bracelets should be enough trouble.
(3) I think she means Farah has a manly way of speaking? No idea.
(4) 対の腕輪ですから、神官の祝福 は付き物でしょう: This one was rather tricky, suggestion on a better translation are welcome.
(5) You might wonder, why I switched back and forth between plural and singular. So do I, it’s in the original.

Aria : This is not my translation (my MTL can never be this nice lol)

This chapter is translated by pewpew from novelupdates, and I've receive permission to post it.


A1 I guess this line means that “compare to the bracelets’ ability of magnetizing (pfft) Aria to Greed, it’s ability to be irremovable is nothing(cute)”

PS : Rejoice my fellow fans, the light novel is picked up by Manic Josei from novelupdates!


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